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Marcos Relampagos All + All -

Marcos Relampagos

  • + - Wife: Dionesia Supremo
    • + - Children
      • + - Victorio
        • + - Wife: Biay Salinas
          • + - Children
            • + - Fabiano
              • + - 1st Wife
                • + - Children
                  • + - Segunda
                    • + - 1st Husband: Ramon Gaudicos
                      • + - Children
                        • Serapio Relampagos Gaudicos
                    • + - 2nd Husband: Meliton Mejorada
                      • + - Children
                        • Felipa Relampagos Mejorada
                        • Aurelia Relampagos Mejorada
                        • Librada Relampagos Mejorada
                        • Candida Relampagos Mejorada
              • + - 2nd Wife: Marcosa Papeleras
                • + - Children
                  • + - Natalia
                    • + - Husband: Evaristo Fortugaliza
                      • + - Children
                        • Ireneo 'Olot' Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Severo Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Bienvenido Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Cecilia 'Sising' Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Susana Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Florencio Relampagos Fortugaliza
                        • Noning Fortugaliza
                  • + - Pedro
                    • + - Wife: Luisa Morastil
                      • + - Children
                        • Apolonio 'Onio' Relampagos
                        • Victoria 'Balay' Relampagos
                        • Eudosia 'Dosing' Relampagos
                        • Juan 'Aning' Relampagos
                        • Crispiniana .'Maniang' Relampagos
                        • Jesus Relampagos
                        • Bernardina 'Bening' Relampagos
                  • + - Jacinto
                    • + - Wife: Irene Campoamor
                      • + - Children
                        • Francisco 'Esco' Relampagos
                        • Rufino 'Pingping' Relampagos
                        • Epitacia 'Lalang' Relampagos
                        • Gregoria Relampagos
                        • Miguel 'Mike' Relampagos
                        • Felipe 'Peling' Relampagos
                        • Agustina 'Tinang Relampagos
                        • Juana 'Juaning' Relampagos
                  • + - Hilaria
                    • + - 1st Husband: Evaristo Mante
                      • + - Children
                        • Castora 'Torang' Mante
                        • Patricia 'Isiang' Mante
                        • Maurelia 'Eriang' Mante
                        • Fortunato 'Nato' Mante
                        • Roman Mante
                        • Maria 'Iyay' Mante
                        • Bibiano 'Bebing' Mante
                        • Serapio 'Apiong' Mante
                        • Paterno Mante
                    • + - 2nd Husband: Policarpio Guibao
                      • + - Children
                        • Aquilina 'Inday' Guibao
                  • + - Vidal
                    • + - Wife: Engracia Luague
                      • + - Children
                        • Melanio 'Manion' Relampagos
                        • Restituta 'Totang' Relampagos
                        • Teodolo Relampagos
                        • Sofia 'Pia' Relampagos
                        • Genara 'Naning' Relampagos
                        • Bartolome 'Odoy' Relampagos
                        • Victoria 'Toying' Relampagos
                  • + - Atanacio
                    • + - Wife: Cornelia Mante
                      • + - Children
                        • Pablo 'Abo' Relampagos
                        • Adriano 'Andoy' Relampagos
                        • Crescencia 'Sencia' Relampagos
                        • Justiniano 'Osting' Relampagos
                        • Luis 'Owing' Relampagos
                        • Lourdes 'Odes' Relampagos
                        • Viviana 'Babing' Relampagos
                        • Evangeline 'Helen' Relampagos
                        • Teodoro 'Doroy' Relampagos
                  • + - Lucena
                    • + - Husband: Atilano Morales
                      • + - Children
                        • Pelagia Relampagos Morales
                        • Dorotea Relampagos Morales
                        • Quiterio Relampagos Morales
                        • Pedro Relampagos Morales
                        • Tereso Relampagos Morales
                        • Anesia Relampagos Morales
                        • Esperidion Relampagos Morales
                        • Adelaido Relampagos Morales
                        • Zosima Relampagos Morales
                        • Eufronio Relampagos Morales
                  • + - Cornelia
                    • + - Husband: Eugenio Chatto
                      • + - Children
                        • Florencio 'Flor' Relampagos Chatto
                        • Luciana 'Lucy'  Relampagos Chatto
                        • Eugenio 'Gengen' Relampagos Chatto Jr.
                  • + - Aniano
                    • + - 1st Wife: Telesfora Caminos
                      • + - Children
                        • Quirino 'Nonoy' Relampagos
                        • Sisinia Relampagos
                    • + - 2nd Wife: Maria Villas
                      • + - Children
                        • Lucresia Relampagos
                        • Pas Relampagos
                        • Efren Relampagos
                        • Gloria Relampagos
                        • Zara Relampagos
                  • + - Andres
                    • + - Wife: Marta Roferos
                      • + - Children
                        • Ignacio 'Gene' Relampagos
                        • Luz Nieves Relampagos
                        • Maria Chita Relampagos
                        • Adelaida 'Edie' Relampagos
                        • Raquel 'Neneng' Relampagos
                  • Marcelino
            • Santiago
            • Simeon
            • Casimero
            • Timoteo
            • Valentin
            • Benedicto
            • Marta
            • Antonia
      • Francisco
      • Policarpio
      • Dominga
      • Pedro
      • Jose
      • Pelagia
      • Ibay

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tales of our legend

Tales of our legend

The roots of the Relampagos Clan, as told by our older folks, originated in Canmanoc, Loon, Bohol.

Canmanoc is one whole mountain barangay with majestic view that acts seemingly as an eternal sentinel to the town of Loon. Where our forefathers came from and why they choose to live there is everybody's guess.

As recorded by our family historians, Marcos (the first recorded Relampagos) married Dionesia Supremo of Loon town proper and was blessed with eight children. Our Lolo Dangkoy (Fabiano) was the eldest son of Victorio (Itod), oldest child of Marcos and Dionesia. among the children, Lolo Dangkoy choose to settle in Lawis, Catagbacan, a fishing barangay 7 kilometres from Loon town proper.

Lolo Dangkoy married twice but only little is known of his first wife except that they had a daughter named Segunda. Lola Ingka (Marcosa), his second wife, outlived Lolo Dangkoy (who died in 1937) by 25 wonderful years.

Accordingly, Lolo Dangkoy started as a menial farmer to feed their eleven children. He indulged in fishing to augment what little income he got from agriculture.

Lolo Dangkoy was a persistent worker as he had so many plans for the future of his children.

Eventually, his labor and diligence paid off. With the able support of Lola Ingka, they were able to improve their lot, build a modest house and banca for their trading business.

Lolo Dangkoy and Lola Ingka valued education more while others seem to ignore it. In fact, even in their times of need, they were able to send four of their younger siblings to school. A gamble only a dared to risk. Because of their sacrifices and dedication, their children did not fail them and went on to fulfill their treasured dreams.

Contributed by Polly R. Guballa
(A reprint from the 1996 FRClan Souvenir Program)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fabiano Relampagos Facebook Page

Good day, Relampagos Clan!

Keep in touch with the clan through our Fabiano Relampagos Clan Facebook Page.

Sign-in, get added, and keep up to date with the latest news, events, updates with the clan.

Cong. Rene Relampagos' Official Website

Good day, Relampagos Clan!

If you wish to follow the activities of our honorable Congressman, Rene Relampagos, please participate and visit our website at or visit his Facebook page.

Again, see you all in the upcoming Fabiano Relampagos Clan Reunion!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Once again, our Fabiano Relampagos Clan will have a reunion on MAY 14, 2011 at the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY SEMINARY compound in TAGBILARAN CITY.

This is a great opportunity to meet our relatives, get to know new members of our family, trace the roots of our ancestry, and get receive news and updates.

As a part of the clan, you are cordially invited to attend this memorable affair.

Keep checking this website, as well as our official Fabiano Relampagos Clan Facebook Page for details and updates regarding this upcoming event.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Letter to My Fellow Boholanos

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*This letter was first published in Rene’s Facebook profile and fan page.

Minahal kong igsoong Bol-anon,

Dawata ang akong mainitong pagtimbaya kanimo ug sa imong mga minahal sa kinabuhi.
Ang makasulti gayud sa kamatuoran bahin kanako mao kadtong mga tawong akong nakauban diha sa trabaho, ug kadtong nakaambit sa akong mga panahon sa kalipay ug kasakit latas sa katuigan; ang akong mga minahal usab sa kinabuhi, mga higala, paryente ug mga kauban sa buhat. Busa, ang akong tiunay nga mensahe magsukad lamang gayud sa ilang mga gisaysay.
Matud pa nila, nagsugod ako sa natad sa politika isip usa ka batan-ong tugob sa idealismo nga dili gani hanas mopahiyom sa mga botante. Ug kana tungod kay dili ako maantigong magpakaaron-ingnon. Karong panahona, bisan tuod nakat-on na ako paglangoy sa dagat sa pamulitika wala gihapon mawagtang kanako ang idealismo.
Ania gihapon ako aron pagsilbi sa Dios pinaagi sa atong kaigsoonan sa akong yanong pamaagi. Og makasiguro gayud kamo nga ubang kang Rene Relampagos dili gayud kamo sulti-ag Oo kon ang gipasabot Dili; ania ako, inyong matinud-anong higala ug igsoong Bol-anon/Loonanon nga naglantaw gayud sa maayong kaugmaon ning atong probinsya.

Kaninyo matinahuron…

Rene Lopez Relampagos

Monday, March 15, 2010

Website of Rene Relampagos

Website of Rene Relampagos has been launched recently. Just visit the site to have a closer look.